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Dashboards & Reporting

Get a better grip on your subscription metrics

Obtain essential information on your subscriber base such as active subscriptions, new subscriptions, paid subscriptions, expired subscriptions, and churned rate.

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Users who interacted with Tonos offers


Average number of offers served per month


Active subscriptions managed

Optimize Your Conversions and Revenue

Maximize your customer conversion rate with Tonos analytics

Identify which content and offerings resonate with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly. Maximize your revenue potential and provide a stellar user experience for your audience.

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Visualize Your Metrics

Get a clearer view of your business with Tonos analytics

View and filter your data by campaign and subscription plan type. See metrics like conversion rate, total conversions, and more. Use our line charts and geocharts to get a better understanding of your data, and filter it by location and device.

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Unlock Recurring Revenue.

Tailored Paywall Strategy, Customer Base Management

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Paywall Content

Create campaigns that gate access to content for non-subscribers.

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Customize Pricing Strategy

Create subscription offers, configure pricing and promotions.

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Manage Customer Lifecycle

Create subscriptions for users and manage their subscriptions via the user interface.

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Dashboards & Reporting

Visualize important KPIs about your business.

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Leverage Tonos' powerful subscription engine with your current tech stack.

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Discover Our Comprehensive Documentation

Explore our knowledge hub, complete with product guides, best practices and learn how to maximize your earnings potential with Tonos.

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Client’s Feedback
“Tonos transformed our subscription management, boosting revenue and engagement. The migration process was seamless with exceptional support and collaboration with our team. Highly recommended for publishers seeking a comprehensive solution with excellent customer support.”
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Sami Kçiku

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Grow Your Subscription Business

Understand your subscriber base, optimize your conversions and revenue, and visualize your key metrics


Simplify your subscriber base management with detailed information on subscriptions types and churned rates.


Increase your conversion rate by identifying the content and offerings that resonate with your audience.


Optimize your subscription strategy and maximize your revenue potential by providing the best subscription options.


Gain deeper insights into your customer base and make quicker decisions by leveraging subscription data.

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