Organization Subscriptions

Manage organization subscriptions and requests efficiently

Utilize the organization subscriptions management tool to generate subscriptions for the users of an organization and effectively manage requests for licenses.

organization subscriptions management with subscribers and actions for license listed
Streamlined Organization Subscriptions

Reduce the administrative workload and monetize large user bases

Utilize the organization subscriptions to create subscriptions for clients with large user bases via the Licenses feature. Tonos Licenses enable bulk subscription creation on behalf of the purchasing organization, granting access to premium content for hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously.

license management interface
Refined Organization Subscription Requests

Handle subscription management quickly

Simplify the process of handling requests for organization subscriptions through the Tonos organization subscription management tool. Instead of receiving subscription requests from organizations via phone or email, Tonos streamlines the process by allowing requests to be received directly through your website.

license request form and licenses list view
Feature Applications

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Increase operational efficiency through streamlined organization subscription management.


Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.


Maximize profitability by capitalizing on organizations with large user bases.


Expand your client base through organization subscription requests.

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