Optimize your campaigns with data-driven experiments

Set up experiments to test variants of your offer template on your target audience. Analyze the results to implement an optimized campaign version.

offer option A and offer option B with performance results for each
Streamlined Experiment Setup

Configure campaign variants for optimal results

Run effective experiments that enable you to make the right decisions for your campaign modification. With Tonos, you can tailor your campaign’s offer template to create varied versions, configure specific target audiences for your experiment and regulate which audience views each variant.

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Create diverse campaign variants

Customize the offer template to create diverse variants to display to your campaign's audience. Control what percentage of your audience sees each variant by selecting the weight of each.

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Target your audience with precision

Select a specific Bisko audience to target through your experiment, allowing you to optimize your campaign with precision. Before running an experiment, you can choose to target your entire audience or choose a specific portion to test.

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Maximize your campaign performance

Optimize campaign performance with experiment results and campaign versioning. Experiment results provide key performance indicators (KPIs) updated every 12 hours, facilitating informed decision-making when applying the winning campaign variant. Meanwhile campaign versioning ensures easy access to previous versions, enabling effective comparison and evaluation of different campaign versions.

screens for each offer variant of a campaign and their results on a pie chart based on the CTR

Discover Use cases

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Diverse Campaign Variants

Perform A/B testing of your campaign on real users to collect data to inform your decision-making process.

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Data-backed Decisions

Analyze experiment results to make informed decisions that help you improve your campaigns and achieve better results.

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Optimized Campaign Performance

Apply the most suitable variant to enhance its effectiveness and lead to better campaign performance.

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Evaluate campaign performance and identify the best-performing variant for an effective campaign.


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Achieve better business results and revenue growth with data-backed decisions that enhance your campaigns.

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