Drive campaign success with strategic decision-making

Execute campaigns using offers and subscription plans to limit content access, along with strategic decisions such as paywall placement, target audience, and metered pages.

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Effective Audience Targeting

Target customers with personalized offers

Target specific audience segments with tailored offerings to boost the profitability of your marketing campaigns. With the help of audiences, you can easily create user cohorts based on behavior patterns, geographic location, and more for personalized offer targeting.

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Flexible Paywall Solution

Customize paywall placement and triggers

Specify which pages the paywall targets and activate the campaign when specific criteria are met to optimize campaign results and regulate the interaction between the paywall and users.

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Select your paywall placement

Select the web pages where a campaign triggers, set parameters (e.g., URLs, tags, authors, keywords, name, section, publication date) to include or exclude pages, and limit access to certain content to paying customers only.

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Trigger the paywall to fire your campaign

Modify the behavior of your targeted pages by firing different events on your site. You can trigger the paywall to pop up once a user has accumulated a set number of pageviews within a period, or scrolled a set number of pixels down a page.

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Optimized Campaign Success

Try out different business models, such as freemium or metered paywall, to determine the most effective approach for enticing customers to accept your offer.

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Effective Paywall Management

Determine where the paywall will appear on your website, and whether users will be able to bypass it or see a metered amount of content before triggering the campaign.

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Increased Customer Engagement

Use the audience targeting feature to target specific user groups with personalized content and offers to increase engagement and build loyalty.

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Ensure a higher rate of subscriber acquisition by targeting audience segments with relevant offers.

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